Saturday, August 4, 2007

Christmas Cards 2006

I'm trying to post all my previously made cards so they can be showcased before I start blogging with current things. I went a little crazy for my first undertaking with making Christmas cards. I have this "problem" where I don't like to make the same card twice, so I decided to make different Christmas cards for everyone (I don't think that I will be doing this again for Christmas 2007...I'm thinking the same kind of card is the way to go especially when you have a lot to make). The one thing that did help was that I used the OSW (One Sheet Wonder) technique that I learned from one of Geeta's classes. So 40 of the cards were created with this technique because each sheet makes 10 cards. I used different stamp sets for each OSW. Since I ended up making around 50+ cards, I won't be posting them all. I have picked out a few of my favorites to show.

I wanted to try something different for one set of my OSW. I used the Sketch It stamp set and made a group of wreaths. I was afraid that this might not work because of the extra white space, but the cards actually came out really cute. This is the whole OSW sheet before I cut it out.

Here are two of the completed Wreath OSW cards.

Here are a few of the OSW cards I made from different Snowflake sets.

Here are some more wreath cards I made using the Sketch It stamp set. Again, I got a lot of these ideas from cards on

I also made some cards with the Solemn Stillness stamp set (ideas again from splitcoast).

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    Pretty cool. Now, I'll have another blogger's site that I will devour daily (or at least when I'm not out of town).